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yo, go git a patatoe n cut it in quarters. then,rub that shit all over yuhr marks. then go outside n burry it 2 ft n 8 3/16in deep. then go back inside n clean yo self, real good. sleep on it. the next morning they'll be gone..

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It wasn't a very nice thing for the the person to post, but cut them some slack. Jeez, you're all immature.

stress free

Lmao u guys are too funny!!!_ you never know it just might work. If I knew how far down to dig I would try it.


Johncrow mek u nuh go hang u self if u dnt have anything good to do, just pray not to get stretch mark asshole!


All this is a fat ugly negro with stretch marks trying to make us feel bad when she probably looks 20 xs worse! Why tf else would she be on this site?


LMAOL, that was funny!!!!!


One of z worst advice i hear in a long time

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