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yo, go git a patatoe n cut it in quarters. then,rub that shit all over yuhr marks. then go outside n burry it 2 ft n 8 3/16in deep. then go back inside n clean yo self, real good. sleep on it. the next morning they'll be gone..

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To go git a stick and sit on it burry it go home take a shower and hope u'll be less of an asshole ... Douchebag


Thanks for that 'tip'. I wish i could give you some help, but there's still no cure for stupid or inmature.


That's pathetic people want help not shit from people like u get a life


hey, if this have works for you than this prove that you are a chicken and ready to put in the oven, after we put it the potatoes and the butter.


Aw c'mon guys. We all know its crap. But it gave me a good laugh. Lol

omg lmao at first when I saw ur post I was like humm how strange. how would that work. I guess I was having a blonde moment .
. lmfao ... of course that aint guna work!! U Silly hoe , tricks are for kids haha


holy fuck this was hilarious


Lol well a couple things.....
1: who ever wrote this is an ass clown.....
2: although it was kinda funny, it still is rude!
Thanks for reading this!!!


Seriously that is not funny
People like me who are 14 and really stressed out over their marks look at these remedies as a last chance for beauty not a subject for you to get your daily chuckle!!

Good luck girls who are actually using this site to help you!!


That is a really harsh thing to say.

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