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This is slightly embarrassing, but I have a way to stop my migraines instantly. I am pretty sure that I suffer from the common migraine, with the pain being only on the right side of my head and behind my right eye. I seem to get them seasonally, meaning I'll have migraines once or twice a day or one every other day for a few months and then not get them for a year or more. However, the last two times I started to get them I had read some things about the cause of migraines being from chemical imbalance in the brain or something like that so I thought about how one might reset that balance and I wondered if when I started to feel a migraine come on or if I was woken up with it already pretty sever then I would masturbate. Please forgive me if this sounds perverted it is just when you are in such pain, you will try anything. Sure enough, if you try to hold out your climax as long as you can, whatever happens in the brain at that time, it seems to reset the chemical imbalance immediately after climax. I'm only writing this because it worked for me and if it can help somebody else with the pain then it is worth the embarrassment.

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hi i have been suffering from migraine for about 15 years now, and it gave me a break for 2 years. but due to some traumatic events in my life its come back. coming back to the point. i had a migraine attack last night and as usual i chose to sleep. and i masturbated and to my surprise it relieved me of the pain. it works period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brett Waters

For the original poster: you may want to talk to a doctor, especially a specialist like a neurologist. The few of the things you mention point to a disorder called cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are headaches that occur in clusters as the name suggests. The main symptoms are one sided pain usually directly behind the eye. Also have severe runny nose from the nostril on the same side as the pain. You may also have a red eye and your eye may water. The pain may last anywhere from just a few minutes and I have them last as long as 8 or 9 hours. They usually occur according to seasons most commonly spring and fall. You will experience several headaches in a day for several days in a row. Then you will experience weeks, months, or even years in remission, without a headache that is. If you would like to have more information about them let me know. I am a chronic cluster headache sufferer and have been for 2 years since being diagnosed with cancer. Email me at I would really love to hear from you as I have some treatments that are very inexpensive and have 0 side effects. No medicine involved. I promise I can do you some good.


Amen! Absolute best cure for headaches for me as well is either masturbation or sex. I've always said if a woman complains she can't have sex because she has a headache... she's a liar; because it's the ONLY thing that has ever helped mine in the slightest.


When I'm lying in bed with a migraine, trying not to move my head at all because it makes me want to vomit, I do find myself reflexively rubbing myself a little. Generally takes the edge off and makes me feel a little less nauseous, probably because of the release of endorphins. It's certainly not a cure (not an easy thing to do at work haha), but it helps with coping when you're already lying in the dark in tears!


Thank You!!!!
I have been laying in bed for 3 hours dreading for the day to start. I have taken my usual; coffee, aspirin & Tylenol since I know it's not sinus related. But since it is hormonal I did resort to not one but two Triptan injections! Nothing was working. Tears only made it worse and I really didn't want to take another trip to the ER.
I am 39 have been battling migraines since I was 9 years old. I have been through the regimen of conventional & holistic therapies. I'm now facing Botox injections (hesitantly).
Anyway, while trying to find a homeopathic intervention for right now, I came upon your posting. Worked like a charm! I am now 90% headache free and planning a painfree day!


This method always works for me. The distracting factor and seratonin release is the only way I make it through the night with a migrane. I've been suffering for the last 10 years. Masturbating is the only fool proof method that has worked for me. Your body is an amazing thing and produces everything you need to fight the migrane!


Masterbation does work. Hubby bought me a special vibrator just for this reason. Orgasm isn't always easy for partners to achieve for you. You know you so try self gratification. It may not totally relieve the pain but I know that it really helps me.


Thanks for sharing. Talk about embarrassment, my mother-in-law is the one who suggested this 'natural' remedy to me...she does not need to know, but it does work! Hormones are unbelievably powerful!


Have tried this and as soon as the climax has finished the headache reappears!

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