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This is slightly embarrassing, but I have a way to stop my migraines instantly. I am pretty sure that I suffer from the common migraine, with the pain being only on the right side of my head and behind my right eye. I seem to get them seasonally, meaning I'll have migraines once or twice a day or one every other day for a few months and then not get them for a year or more. However, the last two times I started to get them I had read some things about the cause of migraines being from chemical imbalance in the brain or something like that so I thought about how one might reset that balance and I wondered if when I started to feel a migraine come on or if I was woken up with it already pretty sever then I would masturbate. Please forgive me if this sounds perverted it is just when you are in such pain, you will try anything. Sure enough, if you try to hold out your climax as long as you can, whatever happens in the brain at that time, it seems to reset the chemical imbalance immediately after climax. I'm only writing this because it worked for me and if it can help somebody else with the pain then it is worth the embarrassment.

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oh i think i will try that one , u dont have anything to be embarrassed about u are simply trying to help..this pain is too excruciating to take..thanx


You are retarded. If you could masterbate you've obviously never had a migrane


Not nice to call this person 'retarded'. People have varying degrees of pain and functionality during a migraine and if YOU (the nasty commenter) suffer from them, then you know the pain lets up for periods of time. In EVERY book written on headaches, specifically migraines (btw, NOT just a headache, a form of seizure, truth be told) the author always recommends sex as a remedy to try. Louise Hay recommends this. So, the person who dared to reveal this very viable home remedy is NOT 'retarded', he or she is instinctively looking to rebalance the hormonal levels which are almost always out of whack during a migraine. Be nice!


To the judgemental idiot who wrote the second comment. Don't be angry just because this method doesn't work for you! :) Obviously you've never had a good orgasm! One of the best natural 'medicines' one could use. Well a little help from the significant other is always a bonus!..


Just to let you know they have proved sex or any form of climax (self induced or not) helps with migraines!I did this to relieve my migraines while my husband was in California and well I don't need to now that hes home :) and it works wonders!!! Although it never completely relieves my pain it makes it so I can function. Try it people SEX or MASTURBATION work fabulous.


To the person who called the person who posted this retarded that is messed up and just so you know it works. My husband suffers from really bad migraines and has been since he was a kid and he had one just a little while ago, well we just had sex and his migraine went away. He still has a dull headache but it is bearable. Sorry it doesn't work for you but it does work for him.

To the person who posted the original post thank you it really helped my husband :)


God bless you ! I have heard of a lot of things but this is a first. My husband is the poor soul who has suffered from migraines since age 7. He is 50. He has a 3in. by 1in. tumor in his head as a result. It was only discovered 2 yrs. ago and I need not tell you it was a LONG 3 days to find out if it was malignant or benign.Thankfully,obviously it's benign but it is still very much there and likely exacerbates the migraines. However removing it would not be worth the risk. I can't believe I'm going to encourage him to masturbate ( more ) but I ( we ) will try anything. May even give me a break too. haha. Thanks for sharing. Don't think I would have gotten over embarassment. You're a giver !


For the person who called this person a retard,try looking in the mirror if people are being called a 'retard' just for helping others then that would make you an ass. I suffer from migraines as well as my mother,I have been having a migraine for the past 3 weeks str8 nothing has really worked other then (sex and excedrin migraine) followed behind a (goody powder extra strength). I'm glad you posted this because you are helping others and thats all that matters no need to feel embarrassed about helping we are all grown so we all can understand and take this in consideration only 'children' or a 'immature adult' would comment something negative.


To the original poster the reason this works is the same reason that they suggest nipple stimulation and orgasms during child birth. Your body produces a natural form of Oxycotin during an orgasm. Funny enough the name for the synthetic form is Codine.

I have been getting migraines since I was a child and I to discovered in my teens this help to bring them down to a more manageable level.


they say sex helps with headaches so this is a good one!

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