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I have bad teeth and I'm poor, so I often just have to 'tough it out' with tooth pain.

My remedy depends on the type of pain:

1. Wisdom tooth comming in and pushing things around or pinching gums. Whole jaw hurts with this one.

What I do: Taking both aspirin and Ibprofin to try and decrease swelling temporarily. I haven't found a solution for this type of tooth ache other than the dentist and a tooth extraction.

2. Infection under a crown. You know it's this one if you press down with a pencil on each of your fillings until one is insanely painful to press down on.
What I do: Best solution is to get your hands on some anti-biotics. On the 3rd day, you'll feel ZERO pain. The infection will come back in a couple weeks with a vengeance, and if you take anti-biotics too long after the pain was gone the first time this new infection will be anti-biotic immune.

Ice cold water held on the tooth until the water warms up will cause a great deal of pain followed by relief for a couple minutes. Being in control of the constant pain for even a few minutes somehow makes you feel better.

I also use the ice-cold water method with calcium tablets held near the tooth by my toung. The calcium dissolves and creates a kind of paste that will trick your brain into thinking you are repairing the tooth. Tricking your brain is good.

Finally, for this type of pain I will go for a walk. Yeah, just walk it off. I tell myself that by the time I get back, the pain will be decreased. Doing things to decrease the pain tricks your brain into giving you a nice bit of endorphins and actually does decrease the pain. Keep reminding yourself the pain is temporary, or at least that the current level of it is temporary.

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if you have a library card go get the book Cure Tooth Decay by ramel negal, on your way home drop in at the butchers and get some bones (bio or organic if poss -they may even be free), take them home and boil them up to make bone broth - food for teeth. Read book and eat your way to healthy teeth. bon courage.

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