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We have 5 children and after spending several hundreds of dollars on head lice shampoos, we got this recipe from a friend who is also a nurse. After using this treatment one time every kid was able to return to school the next day (the school nurse did a very thorough check with a toothpick). 1/4 cup of each mayo, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and Listerine mouthwash. Mix all ingredients well coat hair quickly and cover hair with shower cap. Leave on hair for a couple hours and comb out with nit comb. This worked the very first time EVERY bug combed out was DEAD!!

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I love this one, This is the only one that actually worked for me..I tried lotions from drs and rids and products and vinigars and washing everything over and over and well also the listerine makes your head feel good too..very cool feeling and will clear up the


peroxide beaches hair

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