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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. After taking convention medic ion for one year, I notice that the convention medicine decreases pain, but not really cure arthritis, also the medicine hurts my stomach. I begin to do home remedy for myself, eating fresh food like broccoli and spinach every day , no processed food and fried food to improve my immune system function. Also I study Chinese herbs and search them online . I find that Vine Essence Capsules is superior herbal formula for Rheumatoid Arthritis. After using Vine Essence Capsules one month, I have no more swallow and pain on my hands. The pain on my ankle is much less. Vine Essence does not hurt my stomach and I feel my energy level is raised after taking it. Hope in a few months more, I will arthritis free. I highly recommend people with Rheumatoid Arthritis use Vine Essence capsule. I bought it online at

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Do you work for by any chance?


i have RA can I use the same tablets?? is there any side effects?


RA is caused by leaky gut. Fix the leaky gut and you fix the RA. No hokus pokus diets or any of that lunacy will work. Clean up the gut stop with the sweets and with bread and the junk foods.


It is interesting to note that when the quack prescribes all those expensive drugs for the pain it feeds the disease and makes it worse. That's why drugs have to be changed after a while and they only work for so long. The drug companies and doctors are getting rich by not curing your disease. Their belief is a cured patient is an x patient. Take control of your life and body and stop relying on a criminal medical organization to bleed you dry.

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