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Cris Pirate

Oh, my god. It hurt sooo bad. I was on here for hours trying remedy after remedy, mostly they just made my mouth smell weird and bad.

Then a young woman said Sensodyne Toothpaste..Worked Instantly covering the nerve, I will have to do it probly every time I brush, but I really dont care.

Thank you anonymous woman who said Sensodyne Toothpaste...delete the rest.

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sensodyne toothpaste by far is awesome...also RED CROSS comes in a small brown glass bottle and its the best stuff on earth...i keep one with me at all times as I suffer with my teeth after having a has clove oil in it as well as eucalyptus works as a pain reliever and antiseptic....Tastes like crap, but you get used to it....Takes the pain away INSTANTLY and it STAYS AWAY :) hope this helps everyone, i had a bad toothache for 3 days till i went and bought more :)

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