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I've had issues with a boil on my butt. It got infected so I went to the doctors and he had to lance it twice. It felt better for a few months but it came right back and was so painful I could barely walk, let alone stand. A friend suggested I take a piece of raw back and put some regular table salt on it. Then put the salt side directly on the boil and cover it with steril gauze. I did this and I was amazed at all the naty stuff that came out. Again, the boil subsided (but was still there) for a few years but came back not too long ago. My girlfriend did an internet search for remidies and found an ointment called Ichthammol. It's black and smells like tar. I put this stuff on the boil and covered it and by morning it had drained BIG TIME! It was pretty gross! It had soaked through my underwear, shorts and even to the sheets but I got to tell you ... the pain was relieved by 95%! After a few more days of use this ointment the pain has completely disappeard and I haven't had any problems since. Hope this helps someone who is suffering from these horrible things. I truly feel your pain!

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I have one inside my butt and it's so difficult to walk or sit all I do is lay down and this is the second time I have got this te first time was really bad because I Dident really know what it was so I put all kinds of things till it busted out with puss then second time a year later now I got it again and my dad told me to put ointment so it's the second time today I put it
Hopefully by tommarow everything gets better I feel Ur pain it sucks..!

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