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I know this will sound crazy, but it has worked on at least 4 people I know of and has no pain. You have to be diligent for 2 weeks. Very little effort for a painful wart. Buy a bunch of bananas. Peel just a little of the banana so you can use a little the next day. I cut about a 4th of it off. Scrap the inside of the banana peel and make a little ball of the inside of the banana peel. Put it on the wart and use a regular bandage to hold it on the wart. You can do it over night and go to sleep. The next morning, the banana with be a gross black and the wart will start sharing the same color. Repeat with fresh banana peel for about 2 weeks. The wart gets darker and darker each day. If you do this during the day, it probably wont hurt a thing. In about 2 weeks, it will scab up and you can pick it out. It will leave a small hole but heal rather quickly with no pain. Hope this helps. Post on here if it worked for you and save people the problem of having to go to the doctor.

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Well my Grandma told me this and I thought she was crazy and I searched it up on google to see if it was true. And I started 3-19-12 and so far I can feel the wart having pain because the banana seems to pull it up!!!!!!

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