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Terra De firma

Several solutions:

1)Lack of fiber: Have some granola bars or oatmeal
2)Tired: Go to bed.
3)Virus: Wait it out.
4)To much acid: take an antiacid, drink plenty of water
5)ibs: go to the doc
6) gall bladder surgery: wait, eat mcdonalds, it'll prob. last a year.
7)chew mint gum
8)drink a cup of water with a dash of baking soda
9)take a warm bath
10)depression: see a physician or homeopathist
11)disease: doctor
12)physical reaction: you may have heavy guilt or something, a feeling so strong there is a physical reaction. get over said feeling.

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Huh. cool I have been having bad stomach pains and I will try these. (don't understand the mcdonalds one)


U dummy


Sounds good except for the McDonald's huh? I'll skip that one


Sorry but you seem like a complete idiot


Wow! How enlightening! Who would have ever thought to go to bed when they are tired or see a doctor if they have a disease? You must be the CEO at Redundant International!


you mean the pain will last a year? i had a gallbladder surgery, and you have a lot of pain for 3-4 days, but it goes away. and don't eat super-oily stuff right afterwards! i did a couple of weeks later and i was in pain for 2 days.
now i can eat again though.


This is actually a pretty cool little set of possible tips and reminders for a lot of situations, and it's waaay more useful than a TON of other posts here.

Oh and pssst, super-clever 'CEO' joke guy, you might wanna look up 'redundant' before embarrassing yourself further.

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