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Kairi Reynolds

HAVE ANY OF YOU PEOPLE NOTICED that there are HUNDREDS of remedies, but they only work for that one certain person?? We are all different people with different skin. There are few remedies that actually work, but one is essential for everyone's face.

1.Cut WAY down on sweets. Your forehead and chin depends on it.
2.Find remedies that suit your type of skin, like moderate, severe, or light.
3.Natural products are the only products that work for acne. NOTHING ELSE. No advertising product works at all, no matter what. (proactic, clean and clear, neutrogenia)

If you want to get rid of your acne YOU need to take the risk and be smart. GOOD LUCK :)

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better not to do experiment on face and take any type of risk.


except i use skin I.D. and before i had many pimples on my cheeks and what not but now its been reduced to on or two pimples that arent noticeable at all. So what if its advertised, i was skeptical, but it worked and thats all that matters to me.

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