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I keep reading all of the same treatments, but I have to be honest as a medical professional with GH there are a few things I would like to address. First off if you swear by Tylenol PM placed topically all that really does is apply a drying pain reliever that the main benefit is actually the PM part which is actually Diphenhydramine HCL which is actually Benadryl. It can help with inflammation and itching to provide relief. You can buy this in dye free soft gels where no crushing is needed or in the cream they make over the counter and you can either apply directly or mix with a topical anesthetic Lidocane being an easy one to get. Or the use of Aloe if you find that more soothing. Taking the Tylenol Or Advil by mouth works as well. You can take up to 4 of each if needed that is prescription strength. Also the use of hydrogen peroxide can make it worse. It dries out open sores so if you already have the ulcers this can make them worse because of them drying out and cracking which also prevents healing time. It is also why it should not be used on open wounds. Ever notice how dried out your fingers get turning white if in contact with it for too long? The use of oral medications is best but if you can not afford them I have had patients that have used some cold sore treatments with success but this depends on if you have type 1 or type 2 type 1 patients usually see the better results. The cotton application is good for every one and women who can should use tampons so they prevent the area from being warm and moist breading bacteria which can make the condition worse. If you want to go the natural route H-balm has worked for me and others as well as taking L-Lysine I recommend you speak to a doctor or health care specialist whether they be a doctor or herbalist before trying anything. I know how hard it can be to afford medications I have had that problem for you who can't think about appealing to the company that makes the drug many of them have patient assistance programs. I hope this helps in some way and hope everyone feels better.

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Thank you very much, it is helpful and it's nice to see a professional on here willing to contribute alternative options. Thank you!


Thank you for your helpful advice. It's been frustrating reading all these wacky remedies. Also, I found there is a staggering maount of people on this site who think God and prayer are the answer. Seriously?


I am limited to my options of help but I would really appreciate some advice. I have HSV1 in my gential area I have had it for a little over a year and I have only had one out break. Is there any over the counter medicine or home remedies I could use. I have a small ob but I dot want it to get any worse .


Hey would you email me so we could talk I was diagnosed a month ago and I havnt been handeling the news well I am having an outbreak and can't seem to find anything that will help. Would love to talk to you

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