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I had a back tooth repaired a month ago and was told there may be some discomfort. There was but it subsided after about two weeks. After Christmas it flared up again and hasn't settled. I checked on this site and tried the numerous recommended remedies. I did take Ibuprofen, but it barely dulled the pain. I took paracetomol to no avail. I tried vanilla essence, peppermint essence, a wet black tea bag held against the tooth inside the cheek. I swished with vodka, sea salt water and, as I didn't have any oregano oil or flakes, I mixed some mixed herbs where the third ingredient was oregano in warm water and swished with that. I sprayed collodial silver, but I didn't have much left of that. I also rubbed some cayenne pepper directly onto the gum, but although it burnt quite a bit, it didn't seem to numb the pain. But, by 1 a.m. in the morning something must have worked as I did find relief from 1 a.m. until 7 a.m. before it started throbbing again.

My dentist said that I was likely to need a root canal treatment, but I have read there can be long term problems with that so would rather a natural cure. My dentist agreed that I could have a prescription for Amoxicyllin if I wanted, but I have put an order in for 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and some more collodial silver. I have also bought some bee propolis which I have been told by an alternative practitioner works as well as an antibiotic without the side effects. In the meantime, my husband came home for the weekend and gave me two of his co-codamol which brought instant relief within five minutes and lasted for a full eight hours. One can apparently take co-codamol every four hours, but only for a maximum of three days. Probably because it could become addictive.

I have been onto YouTube and watched a video on how to make one's own clove oil, which is supposed to be good for numbing tooth pain. I had some cloves in and some olive oil, so set about making my own. Once I made it I used a Q-tip to put the oil on the affected gum area. I think it gave a small amount of relief, but I still think I will take my next co-codamol in a couple of hours to get me through the night. I will swish the bee propolis every two hours for the next week and see if its antibiotic properties make any difference.

I will also be taking Blockbuster Allclear every morning along with four serrapeptase capsules (as they are supposed to repair nerve damage). I will report back and let you all know how I have done.

So Co-Codamol was my immediate saviour from pain but not the natural cure I was looking for.

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