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OMG, tooth ache really is the worst pain in the world people. never had it before but i feel for regular sufferrers.

i've had it for the last few days. went to the dentist and he has prescribed me antibiotics to get rid of infection. but until that starts to work i'm in immense pain.

anyway, today i found a remedy which has seemed to relieve pain. i might actually get some sleep :)

it's CLOVER OIL. numbed the pain, so i hope it continues to work for me :)

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where do u get this so called clover oil?

Frequent Tooth Pain Sufferer

you can get it at CVS or any Pharmacy


It's not Clover Oil.
It's Clove Oil, aka Oil of Cloves.

lawl ouch

Clove* oil , not clover oil lol


clove oil is wonderful. It not only numbs but it fights infection. I used it on a gum and now on a tooth. Works great so does garlic powder on a cotton ball.

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