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Believe it or not, lie on your back with your feet elevated at a 90 degree angle. I'm allergic to almost everything I eat (most likely gluten/dairy however I'm not good about checking labels) and experience uncomfortable gas and bloating often. I like to avoid medicating myself whenever possible, and after having spent half of a night in pain I was desperate, so I propped my feet up on a wall at about 90 degree angle and was shocked at the relief I felt. You can also press your knees into your chest for 10 seconds and return your knees to the 90 degree angle as this gets the gas moving. You'll be surprised at how well this works!

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THANK YOU!!! It worked!


Thank you so much!!!!


Amazing results...... Thank u.


Do not try this one if you are sick! I've been sick with a virus...flu all week and decided to try this...sent me into a coughing fit that had me end up vomiting the entire day's worth of contents from my stomach.


This really really helped, thanks a million! It took about 15 mins but surely there was relief.


This totally works!!! Thank you! I was miserable!


Thankkkk you. I was up for almost two days. No meds work I did this it worked fast and thank uuuuuu

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