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Believe it or not, lie on your back with your feet elevated at a 90 degree angle. I'm allergic to almost everything I eat (most likely gluten/dairy however I'm not good about checking labels) and experience uncomfortable gas and bloating often. I like to avoid medicating myself whenever possible, and after having spent half of a night in pain I was desperate, so I propped my feet up on a wall at about 90 degree angle and was shocked at the relief I felt. You can also press your knees into your chest for 10 seconds and return your knees to the 90 degree angle as this gets the gas moving. You'll be surprised at how well this works!

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Wow It can be quite embarrassing but it worked for me as well I was doubled over to the point I thought I was going to b Pass out from pain and this helped me not only to relieve pain but to go to bathroom as well Ty Ty Ty


OMG!!! Thank you so much, this really worked, you are a life saver. I was in so much pain in my back so i google for relief for gas. the rocking and pushing n your belly works. i was burping in no time with relief

Relief at last

Thank you. I did this and it worked great. I also moved my feet up and down the wall while laying there. It helped to get it moving.


I was constipate for the last two to three days. I looked up remedies to relieve it and most everything that came up was telling me to eat Fiber! So I ate beans! So many beans! My constipation was over after eating them but i had intolerable gas ! After trying this is helped RIGHT AWAY ! (: thanks so much .


Thank you. This worked immediately!


Thank you!! My tums failed to work so I resorted to finding an at home remedy on the web. This trick relieved my pain instantly!


Thank you sooo much! My stomach was hurting so bad I was starting to get scared. I desperately got my phone and googled gas relief and I hate taking anything that's taste gross and I did this and it worked instantly!!! Thank you thank you thank you!


My son, who is 9, was moaning around and crying and carrying on for a good hour. Anti-gas pills didn't work, his sister and I were ready to knock him on the head to put us out of his misery! Finally googled home remedies hoping for something and found this remedy! The crying and moaning stopped almost instantly!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

yo yo hone singh

it is working


thank you so much. i was awake all night groaning. this gave me relief in 5 min.

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