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I seriously don't think anyone sufferers from boils as much as I do. Nothing nothing hurts more than a boil and everytime I get one I coke to this page. Today I'm taking someone's advice and taped the inside of a banana peel to the boil and the pain has eased so much. I read that if you keep it over night it will drain the infection, so hopefully this works and I'll keep you all posted with the results.

It's crazy how they haven't found a cure for such a painful uncomfortable thing.

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I also have boils and finally my doctor referred me to a dermatologist who prescribed me 'tetracycline' and that is a miracle drug for boils, it helps prevent them if you take it daily and helps get rid of them if you have one!


Toothaches, are as painful as a boil.but I get boils under my arms I have one now and it hurt so bad I can hardly move but I tried the hot water it don't work it don't even look like it going to bust mostly mine just disappear but not this one


I guess I say boils hurt more than a tooth ache but it is probably because I have ANOTHER boil right now and my teeth are just fine. This one is under my arm. It is so painful and if I have to move my arm I just want to cry. I've had them on my scalp, face and inside my nose. All of them except the one in my nose were lanced. I hate to go to the doctor. Thanks for listening...I'm just boo hooing.


I am also on tetracycline long term 12 month 1 too times a day at this point. I find they do help. I am 29 and have suffered with boils since I was around 15. I do still get them from time to time but not very often. I have had a number of drugs from the gp most have never worked tho tetracycline is so far the best I have had.

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