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Katie from Oklahoma

I struggled with chronic yeast infections for over a year and tried EVERYTHING I could find online to help as well as all of the advice from my gynecologist. Nothing helped and I would still get 2-3 YIs each month. I was miserable! Then another doctor suggested I use a probiotic called Florastor while I was taking a lengthy run of antibiotics since I knew that would definitely flare up the YIs. I took Florastor twice daily during the 3 week run of antibiotics and guess what, NO YIs WHATSOEVER!! I take it once a day now and have yet to have another one. I highly recommend the product to anyone with issues. YIs are so awful to deal with, esp chronic ones. The only downfall is that the product is fairly pricey. But compared to what I was spending on over-the-counter meds, it more than pays for itself.

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This is not the first time I have heard about florastor. I know cancer patients that are taking this supplement. Seems to be a great natural supplement!

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