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Salad, i ate one salad a day for lunch every day and it doesnt bother me doing it but best of all i have lost so much weight. Try it i swear you will not be dissapointed. i dont even use light dressing.

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salad, how much salad is it the whole lot or just an amount. then what do you have for breakfast and dinner, snacks.


i think they meant just replace one of ur meals thoughout the day (preferably lunch) with salad. salad has next to no calories, but it's good for u, resulting in weight loss


I love salad, and I also really love to eat because I guess I get bored and make delicious food. Can I eat a crazy amount of salad with added ingredients like apples or cheese and olives and still loose weight? How long on a 'salad diet' does it take to see results?


Light dressing sucks. I agree with you, I just use regular dressing. Lots of it.You don't have to use light, you can still lose weight. I put all kinds of things in my salads, meat, cheese, nuts, make it very filling.I Love to indulge in salads, and I believe that's why I'm thin. It's not fat that makes you fat, it's the CARBS. Breads, and potato, etc.


*It's good to sub either of your meals for something light, but you'll get bored doing the same thing. I did the salad thing as well for about four months, and I now HATE salad. So before you end up hating salad, and grabbing a value meal switch it up. There are other healthy options like chicken or tuna salad (make it yourself for light), turkey sandwiches on low calorie bread with fresh spinach instead of lettuce. Whatever you like, just think of something new before you begin hate the thought of a diet.

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