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No lie, best thing I've ever tried is apple cider vinegar mixed with water and honey. I have not a clue why it works. Read it on another forum. But it sure works. I woke up in horrible back and pelvic area pain, two hours later gone after a massive dose of vitamin c, lots of water, and the acv cocktail.

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Have just taken 500mg Vitamin C, a pint of water and about 2 T. cider vinegar with 1 t. honey. Do these quantities seem about right? This pain has come on about 30 hours after having a stomach virus (vomiting & diarrhea). Hope this works--my doctor isn't in his office today.


D-mannose is a natural sugar that fixed our one yr old daughter's problems with UTIs. I think if your problem is the ecoli bacteria D-mannose should fix it :)

Mr. Boo

I must agree. The Apple Cider and water has proven effective in the past.Never used it with honey until five minutes ago.:-)


I just take he apple cider vinegar by itself. Take a swig morning and night-- and it clears it right up. Nasty as all get out though!!!


OK I tried the apple cider vinegar/honey, and it may be too soon to say but I woke up and the pain is gone. I've had a constant ache in my right kidney for a week. After reading your blog I decided to give it a try. Nasty tasting is the understatement of the century. I had to go lie down so I wouldn't hurl. But I've been up for an hour and a half and I am definitely feeling better!


I am currently trying this method out. yes the acv is wicked harsh but I chased it with the honey and water and that helped out a lot. What I cant find out is how often do I need to do this? I'm thinking maybe twice a day? Morning and night?? Any Ideas?


I am trying this tonight... i have felt fine all day then got hit with one, i have been suffering with these since i was around 18, after my first son was born. dont know why i keep getting them, but its so bad my urine has blood and i can hardly breath. cant really afford a doc at this time, so i really hope this works... be back in about two days.. wish me luck =)


The apple cider viniger mixture does help. it probably works because it helps get rid of the bad bacteria. some people use apple cider viniger for athlets foot, ear pain, cuts, and even a soar throught (some times. it stings a bit)


I have had kidney infections very frequently since my children were born, who are 7 and 9 now. I have been on so many anti-bio-tics, been hospitalized, tried cranberry, you name it i have tried it. My boyfriends grand-mother told me to try vinegar and water, took a big swig of vinegar this morning (gross) and been drinking water all day and i feel much better not a 10 yet but probably a 6 1/2:) Much better than the maybe 2 i was feeling this morning! :)

Robert Cotton

My dad if he were alive today would have been over 100. He died at the age of 87 and that was due to asbestos exposure. He was the picture of perfect health and NEVER had any type of surgerys or was ever hospitalized Apple cider vinager and honey was one of his regular beverages it has many miracle cures and preventative benifitts. The othet magic is garlic A MUST for healthy collesterol and blood pressure

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