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This remedy works and is the best I've ever tried.
Cup both of your hands under hot running water, as hot as you can stand it.
Turn off the lights, MEDITATE by clearing your mind, and let the hot water run over your cupped hands for 20 minutes. Don't cheat! The pain relief starts around 15 minutes in and by the time you're done, it's gone!
I had a migraine for the last two hours and I just finished the technique. Now my migraine is gone!
Remember: The hottest water you can stand running over your palmed hands under the faucet, and MEDITATE by having zero thoughts. A dark room is best.

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This was a great remedy for me too...six hours into my migraine it reduced it by 50%. Thanks so much for the advice!


Wow good call I only had time for about 10 mins but still surprising results!!! Thanks a bunch!


I have used this for years, usually a hot shower, and I would have to repeat several times. It really works well. I would recommend this especially if its a sinus related migraine.


i've have the energy saver,
shower on my face for as long as i have hot water....medatating and moving your head slowly along with sanctuary/windom hill and music like zengrooves,etc. medatate and massage your head with the shower as hot as you can.
3 tylenol with a black coffee.
and go to bed.


Tried this and it reduced my headache by a good 90%!! Thank you so much!!! Also, I took a stress formula of liquid B vitamin and ate two large bowls of dark greens. I feel a lot better-holding out for the last 10%!!

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