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I know everyone is on the low-carb or no-carb diets right now but i lost 50 in like 10 months pounds eating just carbs and fruit. call me crazy but i found that for a snack i would grab a tortilla and eat it totally plain and it filled me up. almost to the point where i wasnt hungry for the next meal hours later. and when i wanted something sweet i ate watermelon, a peach, or a couple of strawberries. i had little to no cravings for anything else. And you know what i didnt even know i was doing it until my mother pointed out that all i was eating was carbs and fruit. so if i didnt even notice for like 6 months and i was losing so much weight how bad could it be?

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the only problem with this is you would not get all the vitamins you need to stay healthy. if you use this method I would take a daily vitamin.


You would get enough vitamins with fruits.Great way to go.Low/no carb diets can actually cause cancer.Any diet that tells you to stay away from fruit and veggies is a fad diet.Avoid such diets.


the atkins doet DOES NOT tell you to stay away from fruits and veggies. in fact, the encourage you to eat veggies, meat and cheese, and fruit if you are past the induction phase. i love atkins, i have had wonderful results as well as a clean bill of health. plus a steady, even energy level without the ups and downs of carbs.


I lost lots of weight on the Atkins, along with four girlfriends. We also lost lots of hair. Our hair began falling out in handfulls after a few days. When we began eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains our hair stopped falling out and we actually had energy to workout longer and harder. Any diet that says no to fruits for any amount of time is not healthy. Fruits and Vegetables contain what our bodies need.


Yeah, i do that too. Whenever I crave something sweet I eat like a fruit, or a spoonfull of honey or something.
The Atkins diet sucks, by the way.


*All I eat are carbs, and I never ever gain weight for no reason. I wore the same size clothes from 7th to 12th grade. Carbs aren't the devil, and you can lose weight eating them it's not the easiest, best, or fastest way to. Eating carbs are really good for maintaining your weight but by eliminating food groups you can miss out on the health benefits from the foods you're getting rid of. I don't suggest cutting anything out that you'll miss later because once you eat it you're doomed. If you can sub your proteins, and veggies for something lean, than do that as well.

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