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Just came on here to inform everyone about lysine dosage. I was taking 3,000 daily for 6 months because I had frequent outbreaks. Now I wish I was more informed on the side effects. This week I started having severe abdominal, liver, and kidney pain. I went to have blood drawn and everything came back normal except I had too much acid in my body that was eating away at my stomach muscles. They did further testing and, thank god, no major organs were affected. I stopped taking it today and still have some pain, but I know each day will get better. I was also taking bragg's apple cider vinegar for 2 months to help alkaline my body, but I think it did the reverse because my urine ph test was very low. Just wanted to share my experience so people can learn some times following someone else's remedy isn't the best until you explore all side effects and, most importantly, consult with a doctor first!
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Thz 4 the info I've been taking 3000mg in the morn n @ nite 4 my break out now I kno 2 lay off even if it helps


First off the dosage on the Lysine tablet bottle says no more than one 500 in the am and 500 in the evening. You over did it that is why you experienced what you did. Anything taken in excess will cause problems.


vinager is super acidifying, to learn how to balance your pH, please read the Updated and revised pH Miracle, by Dr. Robert Young. I deal with type 1 diabetes, and have lowered my insulin dosages, and stopped catching cold's or Flue's for three years now...unfortunetly, I am dealing with Herpes, and welcome the feedback!

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