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Ok so i picked up AF at the gym, I had it bad on my big toes, the itching and burning were so fierce sleep went out the window. After checking out cures on this website I I tried the salt and vinegar bath,it helps but the fact that you have soak your feet which brings actually more humidity. After I tried tea tree oil but it just wasn't strong enough; then I tried oregano oil and that one almost burned the skin off my feet. so I looked up more remedies posted here and the I saw the Lysol spray. Desperate and lucky to have a bottle lying around I used it. believe me I loathe using chemical stuff, since I'm totally pro natural products. however, in this case it worked instantly, I was able to sleep that night, the soothing feeling was great. I'm still convinced it's highly toxic for you, and just having to breathe the stuff while you are in bed is horrible. but hey, extreme measures for extreme times. Just spray it on your toes twice/thrice a day. Also put it in your shoes and clean the crap out of your bathtub. Good luck.

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The Apple cider vinegar worked for me. Just poured it on, waited about 15-seconds and tapped dry with a paper towel. Gone in 3-days and mine was BAD to the point of 3-blisters. Gross. Thanks YMCA. Bigger thanks to the guy on here that said Apple cider vinegar cause' the damn stuff worked a miracle when nothing else worked...

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