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Supreet Sharma

use Avon concelear....under your eyes...sleep early,no tensions,no overnite parties,no late night talks with your boy fren....

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this site sucks -sara

duh its fucking common sense no late nights, partying this site sucks and the last time i checked avon is not a fucking home remedy waste of time


lol I like this. Dummy.


No Shit Sherlock


gve useful tips,but
dnt go beyond personals.

Anonymous can't even spell boyfriend!


Avon definitely aint home remedy unless u r the owner of avon products manufacturing them from ur home...silly!


Its called gold standard of concealers for a reason. Despite any negatives especially from those who have never touched it, Cle de Peau Correcteur Visage Concealer remains the best has more for doubters who need more convincing but my best suggestion, try it, forget the price. You can't tag a price for under eye dark circles if you know what I mean.


Well thanks for taking all the fun out of life!!! Why don't we just face the fact that dark circles happen.We can try to stop them as much as we want but, the only real solution is to cover them up,either that or.....hmm,here's a thought.Why don't we all stop being judgemental pricks and actually start accepting the way we look.Don't get me wrong,I like dressing up as much as the next person but,it's too much of a damn waste of time and headache to freak out over cosmetic junk.Correct me if I'm wrong but,stressing about your looks is still stress and it's un-needed stress at that.It's like fighting a losing battle because you stress about HAVING the dark bags and than you stress about how to keep them from showing up or covering them.It's retarded.


Mary Kay concealer is the best!! It covers up the dark circles temporarily!!


OK Mommm...geesh..

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