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peter m

I recently went to a doctor and ask about rls which i have had off and on for years, He said try SCHWEPPES INDIAN TONIC WATER,?? I thought yea right,??
I don't know how or why but it works.
Its not expensive you can get it at any supermarket.Try it,I mix it with 2 BEROCCA effervescent tablets, tonic water tastes yuck,carefull mixing it empty the bottle out and leave about 1/4 bottle of tonic water before dropping in BEROCCA effervescent tablets,then pour back in the 3/4 of the bottle.I don't think vitamin B with vitamin c has anything to do with the results,I hope this is helpfull.

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I have not tried the tonic water but found that potassium helps me. Also, a Tbs of cider vinegar in a cup of water has helped.


Tonic Water has Quinin in it which is supose to supress the feelings! I drink that when I don;t have access to Magnesium suppliments or liquid magnesium!


It is the quinine in the tonic water.I start sipping a glass about an hour before bed.

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