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No Longer Restless.

After reading all the ways to help rls, I decided to start at the top and try them all. Last night was the first time I did not have symptoms! I am 5ft 3in and weigh 121 lbs. I am handicapped and limited in my abilities. I cannot walk and have limited use of my arms. I have diabetic neuropathy, coronary artery disease, iron anemia, deficient calcium, vitamins D, B12, and folate. I started drinking herbal tea, 2 cups per day and one at night that contains camomile, rosehips, and red hibiscus. I ate two salads containing savoy, dried cranberries, and unsalted sunflower seeds. I ate two homemade (healthly) oatmeal walnut cookies with dark chocolate chunks. I took a hot milk bath (foaming Calgon). I took 7000iu Vitamin D, two B12, One Folate, and two calcium, zinc magnesium (combined) capsules. (I had lab work first to check my levels. They were extremely low). I did some simple leg lifts and bends and then I put on a pair of pantyhose to go to bed. I did not drink coffee or alcohol. I upped my water intake. I wore sheer-to-waist, not support or control top. (Men trying this would need queen size and would need to cut part of pant for comfort.) I had one can of soda with caffiene early in day (before 8PM) and drank 2 glasses of diet tonic water (which contains quinine). Slept with 2 hard couch pillows, one under feet, one under knees. Kept head lower than heart and feet. Not sure which factor worked, but it DID work! Hope this helps someone. I am curious about the 'soap remedy'. Do you just put a bar of soap in the bed down by your feet? Reminds me of the old wife's tale of putting a knife under the bed during labor to 'cut' the pain. Does this work? How??

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So... umm... then can we get the recipe for the healthy oatmeal cookies???!!! :) just trying to be precise with your cure! (and oatmeal cookies are nice, too!)

leigh ann

I have read that smelling lavender works...a type of aroma therapy.


When my iron and B12 levels are low my RLS is far worse. Hopefully you will find some relief when your levels get up to normal.

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