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Dab CORNSTARCH on small nicks, such as from shaving. It can also be used if you cut your dogs toenail too short. Stops bleeding immediately. I don't think I would recommend it for anything larger than a small nick or scratch.

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Mary K

I cut one of my beagle's toe nails too short... it would NOT stop bleeding. I went through 1/2 box of tissues. Finally, out of desperation, I googled 'how to stop bleeding. The cornstarch remedy was at the top. I grabbed it, poured some in my hand, and pushed it into the wound. I could not believe my eyes... it stopped the bleeding immediately. I owe you a bunch... but first I need a drink!!! Whew! THANK YOU A MILLION.


Due to blood thinners, I could not stop bleeding for 24 hours until I read about cornstarch. Stopped immediately


I was scratched by a rose thorn, about 6 inches long. Bled like a stuck pig since I'm on blood thinner. Like a previous writer, I searched the Internet and learned about cornstarch. Tried it and it worked! A little bit stashed in the car First Aid Kit would be a good move. Golly, all these years and I didn't know about this.

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