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I'm a student nurse and I have suffered chronic kidney and uti infections for years. I find that wearing maternity pads (to catch any incontinence), salty baths, non flavoured water, SOME CRANBERRY JUICE (itl end up making you constipated and immune to it's goodness), exercise, wiping front to back, peeing before and after sex, bicarbonate soda and ibuprofen (-itis such as cystitis means inflammation which ibuprofen helps).
It's highly recommended that you see a doctor if it occurs more than three times in a year.

Hope it helps!

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Sam and Cheyenne Fleming



Please finish school as Ibuprophen is the worst thing you can take as are baths. They can actually cause a UTI. Everything you have said goes against my Urologist and Homepathic Doc.


True about the ibuprofen. BUT baths actually won't hurt you as long as there's no soaps or anything in the water. I know because the first infection I ever got was due to taking bubble baths. It's not the water that does anything,it's the soaps.

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