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finally sleeping

I was crawled up in the corner with a toothache. I actually ran into this low beam in my basement to knock me out. Here's what I did, for those people who put heat on their tooth STOP DOING IT!!!! The heat spreads the bacteria and makes it worse. If you cant go to the dentist go to the er. They will you pain killers and antibiotics which will cost less then all these remedys. But if you cant go to the er get whole cloves they work better then any over the counter drugs. And try to look up discounted dentists I know how you feel

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Pain free and getting it pulled!

I truly understand your pain. I had this bad tooth for 3 years. Peroxide helped for a while. When I had insurance, I went to the dentist. This quack tried to extract my tooth after trying to numb it. He had some type of instrument and was yanking on my tooth. I screamed to the high heavens.He realized it was infected. He gave me some antibiotics and I did not see a dentist for 3 years. I finally went and saw one 6 months ago. I ask him to pull the tooth. He said he could save it and fill it. Well he filled it. The filling fell out about 2 months ago. I started getting pain again, so I did the peroxide and salt and baking soda remedy. It worked.

Last week I was fine until Thursday. I felt some discomfort. I tried the remedy again. Friday I looked like Quasimoto. My left side of my face was so swollen and distorted. The pain was excruciating. These home remedies do work. However, the pain would come back and I feel like the tooth made me pay just for attempting to put an end to the infection. The Emergency room was my friend. The anti-biotics, the pain meds helped me out. I had a shot, then I had the prescription filled. The anti-biotics said take one every 12 hrs. The first pill I took worked like a charm. The swelling went down by the time it was time to take the second dose. Don't get me wrong, the remedies work on this site. Depending upon what was in my cabinet, That is the remedy I used. After 3 years, they stopped and I had to go to the E.R. Believe me I did not want to be billed a lot of money but I felt like it was my last resort. The pain was unbearable.

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