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I know it sounds stupid but the little bottle of squeezable lemon juice that you can from the grocery store helps me the best. you have to let it just shoot back in your throat dont even swallow, i know its hard at first cause you really want to swallow it yourself but you cant. Do this like 3 times and your throat shouldnt hurt at all. It really helps

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works well if you gargle with a small amount as well

Brendon Novak

thanks! but i found gargling to work better, oh well thanks for the great tip!


helped me heaps it was gone straight away XD i can actually cough without it being painfull


thanks that worked great and the plus side I love drinking lemon juice! anyway if you've got cracked lips avoid having the lemon juice touch them because it really stings, but otherwise it works a charm.
thanks :D


I flipped out


it works I tried a peppermint gum too and that even works

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