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Red Robert

Dear folks,

I had ear infections back in 1979-1980. I lived at the beach in SoCal and body surfed a couple of times a week. I went to 3 different specialists in CA costing several C notes apice. They cleaned with a loop, washed with hot water and I applied the anti-biotics as per instructions. Nothing seemed to work and the pain became so bad I had to take codine for relief. I happened to be in Gainsville Florida to score some weed and went to a very old EN&T specialist who charged, believe it or not, ten bucks a visit. He turned me on to the '2 parts alcohol to 1 part white vinegar' cure. He told me to use cane alcohol if it was available. I've been using it on q-tips after every shower for 40 yrs., as the Colorado River water we get in SoCal has a high salt content. I mix up a new batch every few months. It works for me.

The vinegar is to set a proper PH to hinder fungal growth. The alcohol is anti-bacterial and a dessicant to dry the ear cannal, so I would use 70% plus.

Take care of each other.

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Davey B

How was the weed? :)


Thanks! It worked!!!!


So... You had the initial problem 34 years ago (1979) and you saw the old doctor in Gainsville after that. And you've been using the cure he gave you for 40 years. So that answers the pot question. Right? Seriously, I'm going to try this. I'm just having fun. Peace.


LOL @ Bebog =)


Dude, I tried your remedy today (a.m. and p.m.) and was just wondering when u tried it the first time how long did it take to work? Thanx, man. It's dry here, wish I had some smoke to take my mind off this. Surf on!


Do u warm it up at all? The alcohol and/or vinegar

Mo Nada

OK. I've got the vinegar and alcohol, does it matter what type of ganja I use?


It just worked for my son. He's 3yo. Woke up with an infection in his ear. We put the alc/vin mix into his ear. He held it in there for 11 minuets and had no more symptoms afterwards.

Thanks for sharing your story!!

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