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I want to thank the women of this site who have given me the answer to years of searching. I've had a systemic yeast infection for more than 10 years and 25 years of vaginal yeast infections due to chronic bladder infections and antibiotics. I've taken every anti-fungal on the market, tried every homeopathic and herbal remedy I could find. I did 2 years on the strictest candida diet imaginable. I tried garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, I've done it all. However, somehow in my quest I had never heard of trying salt and hydrogen peroxide. Yesterday in my desperation I tried again Gentian Violet then last night I added to it Hydrogen Peroxide (inside and out) and Epsom salt directly into the vagina and I went to bed. This morning after a shower I noticed that a weird rash that I've had on my stomach and thighs for I don't know how long is normally pink. This morning it's brown and fading. I didn't even know it was yeast, but it's dead! To be on the safe side I added this morning more salt and Hydrogen Peroxide inside and out plus I added a couple of garlic gel caps and a vitamin E gel cap to sooth things plus some grape seed oil that's an anti-inflammatory (among other things). I'm waiting to see how I'm feeling a few days from now when I'm not so raw, but I'm so excited to have found such a simple remedy that know one in the medical community or anywhere else seemed to know.
PS. for those of you with chronic bladder infections try U-Tract Complete it's the only thing that's worked for me to keep me from getting sick every time I have sex plus it got rid of my chronic inflammation in my bladder that made me miserable for years.
Thank you all again

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I really didn't understand exactly how you did it..A little lost.


im just curious how you're doing now and what the quantity of the peroxide and garlic, salt, ect you applied and how. thank you


I'm doing quite well now. I decided to do a series of colonics (six to be exact)in order to remove the yeast from my colon. Let me explain how I did everything. First I just used about a teaspoon full of epsom salt straight into the vagina (you can make a heavy salt solution and use that instead if you like and deliver it with a dropper, then I used a dropper like you'd use for baby medicine to insert the hydrogen peroxide (about 4 droppers full) inside then poured some on the outside and went to bed. The next morning I did this again (I don't know that I needed to but I wanted to make sure it was dead). I did the colonics because once I started to kill the yeast my backside became extremely inflamed trying to get rid of the dead stuff, the colonics helped a lot. I also took epsom salt baths to help detox and soothe everything. It may be helpful to use an apple cider vinegar douche to remove the dead yeast and restore the ph before adding probiotics. After I felt like I killed everything I started adding back in probiotic capsules directly into the vagina, you can use plain kefir it works really well too. I did this for a few days in a row and then gave myself some time to heal. I'm feeling really good although when my husband and I have sex I still get a little irritation, honestly it's been so long since I've been healthy that I don't know if some irritation is normal or not. But since my infection is systemic it will take me a little more time to kill it through my entire body. The best thing I've found to minimize this irritation is a mixture of half apple cider vinegar, half grape seed oil and a few drops of tea tree oil in a small dropper bottle and I insert a dropper or two full after sex and maybe the next morning if I need it. I hope this helps.


Just using hydrogen peroxide so far seems to be working. It does hurt, but I felt better the next day already! Thanks!


Attn KP or anyone with some knowledge, I have had years of yeast infections and at times negative cultures but daily vaginal discharge since childhood. Have had UTI's or like symptoms with pelvic muscle spasms for 33 yrs. This is guaranteed after intercourse and pain starts anywhere between 1 to 3 days after. Doctors have prescribed macrobid, one capsule after intercouse. I wonder if I've become immuned to this antibiotic because I've had symptoms even without sexual activity. During a pelvic exam, my doctor states that the pain is coming from the vaginal wall as well as the bladder wall. The pains are excrutiating and debilitating. I can't walk, sit, stand or lie down without having constant pain. Doctors treat me with different antibiotics but they can't tell me what the problem is. YI or just a discharge start all over. I was just wondering what your symptoms were when u mentioned having chronic inflammation of the bladder. Would appreciate a response. Very desperate

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