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i donthave one yet.My rls startedwhen i was pregnant
then after each pregnancy it went
cant remember when it came back oh yes after my seizure tablets didnt stop it anymore. went on sinemet a few years back but after a few months they started having bad side effects so ihad to stop
soi have epilepsy and i prefer to not take adrug to get relief.I get minearoundmy ankles
and iteven wakesme at night. so anyone with rls and epilepsy thats found relief pleasse let meknow.cause my rls is keeping meawake at night and i need my sleep somi dont have seizures. i do have low iron and low in vitiamn d. ty.

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Low iron makes my rls far worse. Hylands Restless Leg Pills help some people. They're an otc you can get at a drug store.

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