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Shea and cocoa butter has work the best for me. I am 14 and have had twins. After the pregnancy the stretch marks got worse. I had searched for many remedies to help the problem. I used Equate Cocoa Butter and Palmers Shea Butter for Stretch Marks. In the morning, use the Shea butter when you wake up, and at night after a shower and your ready for bed use the Cocoa butter. I did this for about a week and noticed the results. Even after the stretch marks seem 'gone' don't quit this cycle. It keeps your skin healthy and those stretch marks gone.

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OKAY people the point of this page is to get remedies for our stretch marks, NOT to make judgments about her......Besides THAT IS HER PERSONAL LIFE NOT YOURS so BACK OFF...... Thank you sweet heart for the tip you are a brave girl for being able to handle those comments!

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