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Shea and cocoa butter has work the best for me. I am 14 and have had twins. After the pregnancy the stretch marks got worse. I had searched for many remedies to help the problem. I used Equate Cocoa Butter and Palmers Shea Butter for Stretch Marks. In the morning, use the Shea butter when you wake up, and at night after a shower and your ready for bed use the Cocoa butter. I did this for about a week and noticed the results. Even after the stretch marks seem 'gone' don't quit this cycle. It keeps your skin healthy and those stretch marks gone.

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Congrats for your beautiful babies. Regardless of your age if you can handle 2 babies..GREAT. There are some women much older who think they have it all together and can't even handle 1. So, keep your head up cause i know it gets hard but love your kids and love yourself. because your kids will always be your biggest blessing. And thank you, your advice worked for me:)


the vitemine E oil works great my daughters almost 4 and i have a few left because i am loosing weight now. but i use vitm. e oil and they arint as red now. i tried the coco butter and it didnt change anything, but if you can get a hold of mom mee thats the exact speeling if you use that at night and oil in moring they will slowlly disapper. to the young lady with twins congradulations. i hope your twins are strong and healthy and dont let anyone bring you down. being a young mom doesnt mean your a bad mom it just means your life has taken a different path. and to the person who said she should be slaped i think you should back off. shes a teen mom so what! theres younger girls having kids too. the youngest person on record to have a child was 5 years old in 1939 to more recent the youngest age 9 in 2010..GOOGLE YOUNGEST BIRTH MOTHERS>>>>>>>>>>>some of these girls were not forced to have sexual intercourse at these young ages. I believe all mother no matter what there age or reason for having the child is blessed. i have know 12 year olds to have children. as long as they are strong, and willing to be there is a good parent.. Good luck and may your twins and you live a long and very healthy life.


This site is to help one another, not to tear each other down. It's sad how people will tear down someone just to make themselves feel better. I say congrats to you for giving birth, regardless of your age. You took on the responsibility, no matter what the circumstances were.

Jennica Faigao

all you judgemental people need to keep your mouth shut, im 14 and i have a beautiful babygirl, she was born a few weeks earlier than expected but shes healthy and growing. Who cares how old you are, as long as you take care and raise him/her well, of course you and her/him will have a good future ahead of you guys, whether your a single mom, or the babys father is involved always put your kids first ! Just keep in mind, your children are counting on you, and they are always going to be your blood. Love them unconditionally and you'll be fine, they'll grow up and thank you for all you've done for them.


ur 14 with twins??


Sweetheart I commend you for taking on the responsibility of having twins at age 14, and choosing to give those children life. I was 16 when I had my now 8 year old son. I would not trade it for anything in the world.God bless you and those beautiful babies. To all the women that supported this young lady and took up for her, thank you. Also thanks for the advice!!


congrats on ur twins! a babys is always a blessing and you had TWO! some 40 year olds cant handle having one kid and you are 14 with two! im 12 and have stretch marks evry where cuz of weight gain and recent growth spurts ima try this when i get the chance!


Everyone putting her down for being 14 should be ashamed of theirselves!!!!! I am 17 married and have a baby. It's not the age anymore these days it's about how you act. If she is 14 but acts like an adult good for her. She should be proud she has twins at this age! The way I look at it is the younger you are the happier your children will be



Hi, I'd appreciate it if you emailed me. I'm 13 almost 14 and me and my boyfriend wanna have a baby. I really would like to hear your story and your opinion of it. Email me at
I'd really appreciate it. Thank you(:


im 18 and i have an 8 month son i got pregnant at the age of 16. i really don't know why people keep judging teen mothers. it's a blessing that we have a child and it's another great blessing that we can handle our children. there are people out there who have been trying for children for years! what do you expect us to do? abort them? keep it up all teen mothers and don't take stretch marks so seriously they'll fade away by time :) i have loads of them on my tummy but when i look at my little angle all i can say that it's more than worth it :) xxx

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