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I m a girl who's had psoriasis since I was 9. I am now 21.

I am wondering if it has anything to do with the removal of my tonsilitis when I was 8, cause I heard that tonsils is essential and removing it will cause lack of immunity in the body.

Its hereditary in my case and I feel so bad about it. I go from depressed to angry about it cause my grandmother and dad from whom I get it make my life from bad to worse. It makes me upset all the more 'cause they are such control freaks and give me no space at all and I have to carry their stupid disease with me and my future generations. I almost don't want to have kids 'cause I don't want spread my disease to my kids and make them hate me for it.

I had only scalp psoriasis till 15. Now I have all over my legs, breasts, forehead scalp ears stomach. Its gives me no reason to want to live at all. Forget aesthetic reasons, it hurts physically- itching, bleeding and cant wax or do anything.

Regarding remedies, nothing ever works permanently. They say homeopathy works but I haven't seen any immediate relief and never tested it long enough to see any benefit either.

I don follow any medication 'cause I have just grown sick of trying and have no hope left.

From experience the ones that did work for me are

1) diavobet oinment
2) neem oil
3) salt water bath
4) not using soap but using natural cleansers (like gram flour with little water to form paste.)
5)steam baths
6) cod liver oil tablets and application.

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don't give up!!! and especially don't stress out, try to relax a lot. maybe go do some sports, yoga or some kinda home meditation. get your mind off of problems.

i will try the shapoo&listerine:)


My son is 12 yrs old ans suffers from scalp psoriasis .i have found that' carmex 'which is used for cold sores and chapped lipsworks wonders,dosent smell the greatest but it works best if you massage it in after scale removal~and applied daily to keep moist......they also have cherry flavored which is easier on the nose, jt gives my son instant relief! The best part is its ONLY 1 DOLLAR!!!!!! Omg hope this helps.........also if you have a boy works best to shave head short!


Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that virtually at least half of all of us have anyway...not that much to be alarmed about. Keeping a thin layer of vasleline on the areas will keep the (very over-active) cell-growth in check. The sunlight and also tanning beds will help, however the tanning beds are NOT a good choice. I used to tan and have had 3 cancerous moles removed, so I HIGHLY recommend to NOT TAN IN THE TANNING BED!!! My dermatologist recommended: 1- To sit in the natural sunlight for just 15-30 minutes per day. 2. Do not shower for at least 6 hours after sitting in the sun(it removes the vitamin D) 3. Take vitamin D supplements. I hope you see results soon and pray that you find peace about your anger toward the disease. It's not fun, but know that you're not alone!


Starp, please don't lose hope.
I completely understand how you feel, i am forty five years old and have had psoriasis since the age of eleven. At one point when i was a teenager i was classified ninety percent of my body. No it was no fun, no dresses, no bikinis, no shorts, in the dead of heat i was wearing pants and long sleeve blouses, the most annoying thing i can remember is everyone always asking 'aren't you hot?' even though they knew about my condition.
There sre worse things in life, i married a wonderful man who still adores me, i have two beautiful children, my son is twenty one and my daughter is seventeen, and neither one has psoriasis thank God and nobody in my family ever did. I guess i got lucky, lol. Today, i have a tiny scab on my elbow and a few on my scalp, that's all. I am clear, i am free.
I can wear whatever i want, finally!!! and i must tell you i have the best body and best skin i have ever had. I simply decided to cut out a lot of foods for my own self nothing to do with the skin condition but obvously it helped. I don't eat as much meat as i used to, i never touch juices or soft drinks, i don't eat many breads. I have changed my lifestyle for me but it has helped. Two summers ago i did spend two weeks in the sun and the ocean and i believe it was a huge help.
Please have faith, i had a hard time with it as well, but i always thought how blessed i was to have two legs and two arms and my eyesight,etc. My point is things can be worse.


I am almost 31years old i have had psoriasis as far back as i can remember it got bad when i was 15 when my sister lost her son in a fire and i freaked out to put it mildly lol. over the years i have found nothing that really worked but i do have to say that since my divorce and meeting an amazing man my skin is clearing up just from less stress does wonders but in the summer my skin does much better but i spend alot of time in the pool and in the sun. i have also decied that i dont care what others think i where what i want i dont hide it anymore. the way i look at it is you wouldnt hide a broken arm psoriasis is not something you can prevent its part of my life and until you love all of you how will everyone else i had to learn that the hard way. learn that now i married the first person that clamed to love me but he love to mental abuse me and i beleived every word of it because of the way i veiwed my self and most of that came from the way i veiwed myself because of my psoriasis i didnt think i could find better but i did.


I know people are gonna say that you shouldn't use the tanning beds. Well when you suffer from this disease, you're willinbg to try anything. I bought my own tanning bed and got in it everyday until my skin was clear. Now I only use it 3 times a week, but I am able to live a pretty normal summer life, that I couldn't do before. I've had psoriasis since I was 5, covering most of my body and am now in 52. Been to doctor after doctor, treatment after treatment. To me, the tanning bed was a God sent. You have to use your own judgement on this, but it does work great for me. If you do decide to try this, make sure you use a tanning lotion that has alot of oils in it, so not to dry your skin further. I shower or bathe about an hour after getting out of the bed, and I use nothing but Lubriderm lotions. I've had my tanning bed over 15 years and its actually saved me alot of money. Like I said, use your own judgment on this.


I have had psoriasis all my life. It first appeared at age 10. Im 31 now. It took me 5yrs but with strict diet (raw vegetables and organic foods) it helped. The one thing that helped me the most wa TANNING. Yes, it did. My skin is completely clean, except for two little spots on my knees. Hope it helps.


Try using Jason Dandruff Relief (available at It has Sulfur, Salicylic Acid and Neem Oil. Good Luck!


Hi I need some Advice please I have a 6yr old niece has it bad in the scalp . I just wanted advice when to put the Vaseline and when to put the Daivobet cream . We tried just the Daivobet cream alone and it didnt get better.

Thanks in Advance


I did a candida cleanse, and this helped a
lot. Also, I had a bad cold, and I took oil of oregano. My p started clearing up.
I continued taking and my skin is slowing getting better and better.
Most important-stay away from refined sugar.

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