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I m a girl who's had psoriasis since I was 9. I am now 21.

I am wondering if it has anything to do with the removal of my tonsilitis when I was 8, cause I heard that tonsils is essential and removing it will cause lack of immunity in the body.

Its hereditary in my case and I feel so bad about it. I go from depressed to angry about it cause my grandmother and dad from whom I get it make my life from bad to worse. It makes me upset all the more 'cause they are such control freaks and give me no space at all and I have to carry their stupid disease with me and my future generations. I almost don't want to have kids 'cause I don't want spread my disease to my kids and make them hate me for it.

I had only scalp psoriasis till 15. Now I have all over my legs, breasts, forehead scalp ears stomach. Its gives me no reason to want to live at all. Forget aesthetic reasons, it hurts physically- itching, bleeding and cant wax or do anything.

Regarding remedies, nothing ever works permanently. They say homeopathy works but I haven't seen any immediate relief and never tested it long enough to see any benefit either.

I don follow any medication 'cause I have just grown sick of trying and have no hope left.

From experience the ones that did work for me are

1) diavobet oinment
2) neem oil
3) salt water bath
4) not using soap but using natural cleansers (like gram flour with little water to form paste.)
5)steam baths
6) cod liver oil tablets and application.

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I went gluten free, All grains, not just whest. Eggs, some nuts and milk can be a factor. I would recommend very thorough titer tests, not just skin tests. ALL my psoriasis went away. Start googling gluten, one site has some really good explanatory videos, boring but good info at peter osborne is the dr that hosts the site. Good luck, the stuff made me crazy! No, i do not work for that site, i just had luck going gluten free. Look up as many sites as you can and see what works for you.

i have the same problem and meds can be high in price so i tan it sounds crazy but it works durring the summer i lay out in the sun and in the winter i use the tanning bed it works for me i hope it helps u i know how living with it is


I suffered terribly too. One year I went to the shore with my family. Between the sun and the salt water - it was gone. I don't live near the ocean anymore but when I start to get the symptoms, I join a tanning place and that works for me. It takes awhile depending on how bad I let it get before going.


There are AMAZING injectible medicines on the market right now. There is NO need for you to suffer. Talk to your doctor about Humira, Enbrel, or Symponi. I have used them for years and my vey serious, awful psoriasis clears up within 2 weeks. They are self-injectible and wonderful! The only reason I am not on anything now is my husband and I are trying for another baby. TRY IT!!! You won't be sorry.


I have suffered for several years now and totally understand how you are feeling, i have it very bad on my face and often look like a glow worn, its very very upsetting and my scalp is awful... two weeks ago a client i have (who has suffered all her life) told me to relax, not exfoliate, cream 3-6 times a day, eat tuna three times a week, stop wearing make up, take cod liver oil tablets, and be in bed before 11pm sounds so silly but someone saying it and telling me to relax, also the sunbed has helped, really helped, my face has really started to settle, in two weeks i really have seen a difference... dont give up there is something out there that will work for you, its not easy and very upsetting but remember your not alone!!!! hope you find something that works for you soon xxxx


i was searching the remedies of psoriasis since many days....i wish from GOD please help me to remove this disease especially from scalp,knees, and legs and wish that all these remedies work and proove superb for me


Please help me out I am suffering from last 5 years


Don't give up hope. My younger brother had it all over his body. Sun helped him a lot. Now that he has passed away, I seem to have inherited the problem. It was really bad and it seemed everything I tried did not work. I was having an issue finding a dermatologist that was knowledgable about psoriasis. I finally found one through applying for clinical testing. The office where she works does testing for different 'cures'. It cleared up the psoriasis on my body. But, my scalp psoriasis has come back. The cold weather seems to bring it on. Check around to see if any of the dermatologists in your area do the clinical testing. You could even get paid for being a part of it. Good luck.


try this remedy its worked wonders for me and generations of my family :)......equal parts of head and shoulders shampoo and the original listerin mouth wash (it is amber colored) you can use as shampoo and body wash and notice a difference within a week. if you decide to try i hope it works great for you like it has for us and i would really like to know if you use it and if it worked for you. i live by this


hi all,

i have had psoriasis since i was little. now i'm 29.

i was a very sickly child and got a lot of antibiotics for 'curing' my illnesses. once my mom had taken me to a clinic, where they told my mom to have my tonsils removed. after my tonsils were removed, my mom had taken me back to the clinic, where i was treated by given phototherapy and betamethason&sg else mixture. they totally cleared me in just 2 weeks. i was without any symptoms till my highschool graduation when, i guess, i often stresses out about my exams.

since 18, my psoriasis has been on and off (off, i mean 3-4 patches on my body). i use bethamethasone that clears my skin completely, but there's a price i have to skin gets really thin around the affected area where i apply the ointment as well as my nipples hurt from the stuff i put on my breast...

yes, and it's like you can't wear short sleeved blouses, shorts so on...

what makes psoriasis worse in my case, here are some examples, and maybe they would work for you if you try to avoid these things:

food: chocolate (especially dark, yeah i know it's suck), orange juice, nuts&seeds. i dunno about doesn't seem to cause the problem, but i should perhaps try without bread and gluten containing food...

skin conditioners, cosmetic products: suave shapoo is very bad for if you have scalp pso. (fragrance containing) body wash, basically any kind. try natural soap. 'dudu osun' is an african soap, it dries your skin, therefore help the flakes disappear.
tom's deodorant cleared my pso patches in my armpits.

another option: uvb lamp. but use it only for a very short period of time like 2 weeks! i do use it now for a week, and it does help a lot! but you've gotta be careful not to continue to use it. what the lamp does basically is that it damages little, tiny blood vessels in your dermis through which secretion and cell to cell communication takes places. in many cases, psoriasis is caused by the abnormal communication within certain immune cells in your body. if they don't get the signals from each other, or, it's being prevented they slow down.

1.cold/lukewarm water soak
2. lamp (don't go for tan, only narrow band uv lamp)
3. betamethasone (only for a short period of time-months, not years)

these are not particularly natural treatments, but will help in most cases.

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