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Gorilla Glue!

After trying the Dr. Scholl's Plantar Wart Removal System for a few months and getting frustrated with no results I found this site. I tried the apple cider vinegar for a couple of days. On Day 1 I soaked my toe in the ACV for an hour and that night I duct taped a cotton ball soaked with ACV to the bottom of my toe. It was mildly painful but nothing I couldn’t handle. The next day (Day 2) I removed some of the dead skin and that night I tried putting another cotton ball soaked with ACV on the bottom of my toe. That was three of the most uncomfortable hours of my life. I literally could not fall asleep and had to get up around 2 AM to remove the cotton ball. The next afternoon (Day 3) I tried taping a cotton ball soaked with ACV on the bottom of my foot but had to take it off 20 minutes later. I was willing to put up with extreme pain to get rid of the wart but those two rounds with the ACV were like torture!

A few hours later (still Day 3) I spread Gorilla Glue over the wart and covered the GG with duct tape and then wrapped both with waterproof medical tape. On Days 4 and 5 after my morning shower I removed both sets of tape and re-applied a layer of GG, duct tape, and medical tape. On Day 6 I was able to pull out the wart with tweezers relatively pain free. I have kept applying the GG, duct tape, and medical tape just to be safe – I don’t want that thing coming back! – and I’m now on day 10 with no pain or signs of recurrence so far and the hole where the wart was is healing over.

Thanks to all on this forum!

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What is Gorilla Glue?


gorilla is a brand of glue. the hardware store carries it.

hopeful this will work

I am so going to try gorilla glue on my 15 year old sons wart. It is on his hand and has been for over 4 years, even after every otc product and hundreds of $$$ in freezing at dermo still there and is almost the size of a dime and hurts. will update results!


Which type of Gorilla Glue? There are several. There's the super glue and then a fast drying one. Not sure which one to buy.


This works...I know because I suffer from cauliflower warts on my fingers and realized they were gone one day....about a week after Gorilla Gluing my sons lego ship together. I had this glue all over my fingers. Never reapplied but realized my warts were gone in about a week.

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