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I have been doing some research; Angular Cheilitis is a fungus and is going to take up where there is an opportunity for it to get a start and to thrive. Antifungal creams like Monostat work well because they are design to penetrate into tissue and kill the fungus. Oils, ointments and other types of creams will have moderate success simply because it will disrupt the desirable PH that fungus need in order to thrive and/or cut off oxygen to the fungus. Fungus is somewhat difficult to kill, think about athlete’s foot, you must use the medication frequently and persistently for a few weeks to insure you have truly eradicated the infection entirely. Like athlete’s foot, it would be infectious and it would be a good idea to sanitize or replace chap sticks, lip balms, lipsticks and toothbrushes, etc. There are prescription oral antifungal medications available too.

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What type of Monistat did you use? Please be specific, there are different types. Thanks

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