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First of all let me state my creditials - I've had acne for 20 years (since puberty) and have tried EVERYTHING but acne is genetic in my family so I've learned to live with it. So I will share with you some of the tips I have learned that actually help. Alternate your facial cleanser. Use one kind in the morning and another at night - so your face doesn't get used to a solution and become irritated. After cleasing put on a facial lotion with
benzoyl peroxide (sorry spelling) - ProActive Repairing lotion works well. It absorbs quickly and not greasy. In the morning I use a different cleanser and a lotion with SPF. Also - once a week I repair and exfoliate my skin with an asprin mix. I dissolve a few asprin in a little water - then gently rub the solution on my face for 30 secs. Usually I do this in a hot shower while my pores are open. Works wonders.

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how does asprin help your skin? im curious to try but this is the first i've heard of this


I'm not sure exactly how it works but it shrinks your pores to almost nothing and leaves your skin smooth and radiant.


I know that when I had a keloid on my nose piercing, I used this aspirin remedy and it really helped a lot. Ive never tried it on a pimple, but I can see how it works!


asprin is an anti-inflammatory that's why it helps with acne and keloids

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