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I truly Thank God for this site. I was so glad to see that someone else had experienced the same pain I had, at least, I knew it wasn't my imagination. I had two teeth extracted the Thursday before Christmas and OMG, what was I thinking. I went back to work after my appointment and I was fine. Went to work on Friday, I was still fine. On the evening of Christmas Eve, OMG I just couldn't believe I was beginning to experience pain. Well, by Christmas Day, the pain escalated to a 15. I was popping Ibuprofen 800mg at a time every 2 1/2 - 3 hours and it was not touching the pain. I read my discharge instructions from my dentist and it described Dry Socket symptoms and the next step was I was on Google searching for Home Remedies for Dry Socket and after reading all the posts, I realized that our symptoms are all very similar. I went back to my dentist's associate, because he was on vacation, on the Tuesday following Christmas because their office was closed the Monday after. The dentist irrigated the socket and packed it with medicine, which in about 15-20 mins, it felt really good, NO PAIN and I had some Vicodin 5/500. As much as I hate narcotics, let me tell you, I was willing to give them a shot should the pain return. Again, I went back to work. By the time I was getting off work, I could not believe the pain that returned. I went to several local pharmacies and their stories were identical, 'someone had just bought the last Red Cross toothache kit.' I repeatedly questioned, 'you have got to be kidding me, right?' Finally, I went to a Rite Aid and they actually had one vial of Clove Oil. At this point, I wasn't even concerned about the cost, it was the only vial in the area and it was going to be mine, Great suggestion, I can't thank you all enough for sharing your stories. Clove oil on a small gauze sponge did magic. It has provided the longest relief thus far. I have come into the New Year with this lingering pain, but I am praying that by the time I awaken today, I will be pain free.

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Linda Kerry Ireland

Thank you thank you thank you. Thought I would go insane with painful dry socket which I also had last year also (I know this would be like this for days)until I checked you site last night. I had clove oil in the press. I am a new person now. using the clove oil every few hours as the pain erupts but the oil is working. Thank you


I used the Red Cross Toothache
Kit (which really is just a small bottle of Eugenol - another name for oil of cloves) and it worked on my dry socket. My clot fell out after 4 days. My dry socket is not very painful more like a nagging thing. The Red Cross Kit did kill the small pain and I bet it would kill a bad pain also.

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