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First off the lice industry must be a billion dollar business because I have bought every lice treatment available. Not a single one is effective enough to keep buying, you are just washing your money and a fraction of the problem down the drain. Something made me remember how my family would use avon skin so soft as a mosquito repellent during camping trips in south Florida. I haven't tried this yet, but have researched that most people swear by it. It is oily, but much better than anything in the fridge or in your cabinet. I had a helluva time degreasing a previous olive oil treatment.

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I am all for anything to get rid of Lice without chemicals, I have tried a lot of things I have read online, and let me tell you the Listerine is a no no it can cause irritation and burns and it can make small children sick. I have found after 3 months of Trial and error that if you buy Cetaphil Everyday Cleanser at any drug store and make sure you completly cover every last part of your head from scalp to end of hair you want it to all be covered thoroughly, leave in for 10 minutes and then comb with a lice comb to get out some of the cetaphil, then blow dry on the highest heat and settings leaving the cetaphil in for at least 8 hours after that you can wash it with what you choose. Repeat every 5 days for 1 month and it should be gone. Make sure to clean and wash everything on high heat, if you can not wash something there is a spray with chemicals to use on furniture etc. Its that or throw everything out and spend thousands replacing everything....

Michele Solvay, NY

I am reading all of these headlice postings. I am stepmother of 3 girls. this is the 3rd bout of headlice we have had since I have been around for 3 yrs now. I am 36 yrs old and never had it myself or even knew what it looked like until I was 34 yrs old. The first time we finally got rid of it, I had to go to the girls moms house to clean it. The 2nd time I had to raise hell enough for her to clean her own house well enough. Those 2 times btw was a 10 month time span. So I completely understand how people talk about a long battle with this.My concern with this time is that I might fly off the edge if it goes over 1 month!My theory is this... If you love your kids and pay attention to them then you will notice the itching and look at their head. And when you do, you inform all of their friends that they had sleepovers with parents! You treat, you deep clean and wash everything in your house! DON'T have ANY of their friends over until you know it is GONE!And I am sorry... BUT if it continues for, at the ABSOLUTE MOST, 2 months, then you aren't caring enough! It is difficult for me because they have lots of sleepovers at their moms house and a sister that goes to a 3rd house involved, but do as I have said here and it WILL go away! The most important thing is to REALLY care about your kids!!!!! There are NO excuses! It is not anyones fault if you or your kids get headlice! IT ISSSS however your fault if they KEEP headlice!!!!!


Thank you for your post I had forgotten all about the Avon Skin So Soft! years ago as a child i got lice the shampoo didnt work the my mom being a seller of avon soaked my hair in skin so soft with a shower cap over night after that no lice again! now i have kids and have been dealing with this for months i came in here to look for natural treatments. im glad i happened upon you i am definitelly ordering some and i;m gonna try it together with the vinegar wash,.

mom of 3 gram to 2

SSS from Avon (the original fomula) is an awesome product. It can not be represented as anything other than a bath oil by the market. However, personal indorsements and testimonies can not be totally ignored. I have use sss as ant control, misquito, sand fleas, gnat and fly repellent, and now head lice. My teen daughter brougt it home from a get away and I just use it on my head, she bought store stuff. to quote the teen OMG not only did it kill lice but the nits combs straight out. Had it in for 2 hours and covered. Getting ready to use it on the 12 year old.(Of course she is fussing about not wanting to feel greasey.)

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