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Ok, so I have had herpes type 2 since I was 17, and I used condoms. I never wanted meds so I use to let breakouts ride out. I'm now 24 and I found this site so I said let me try, because I get o-b's 1-2 a year but when they come they last weeks. I've been in a relationship now and they understand. So I said I would not post till I have a o-b and I try all methods and tell y'all. First of all.. liquid, only makes it worst, it hurts and it gets no better cause u have to peel it off and u peel off the healed skin and the process starts all over.DONT DO IT!! Bleech...come on y'all don't b crazy...didn't even try that one...soaking in epson salt followed by perioxde helped sooo much, they started healing fast..I also use baby powder to help iching and sooo good. But the secrect is taking lystine 1000mg 3 times daily as well as using super lystine cold sore treatment on sores. YES! Super lystine cold sore treatment works on sores down there! I did this and they cleared up in 3-4 days. they told me to keep them dry so I put it on then baby powder over like a charm! I just happen to glance at the bottle when I was in the vitamin row at the grocery store..I knew it had to work since my doc told me to take lystine orally I knew that if I used it down there it would work and it I'm sharing...please don't give up hope bros, this works. So recap..soak in epson salt 30 min twice a day, air dry, put peroxide on sores, air dry, apply super lystine cold sore treatment, wait about 5 min and apply baby powder, also take lystine 1000mg 3 times a day. I promise u will see results, took me 8 years to find this blend adit works! 3-4 day clear up time. I know I only get 1-2 a year but my come on strong so if it works for me...I know it will help y'all! Tell me how it works for u I will be checking back!

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Do you mean lysine?


Its called Super Lysine Coldsicks and it look like Chap Stick tubes. I used this or Campho- phenique to make a paste with crushed Tylenol PM it works like a charm.


Can you take any brand of Lysine? I know like with vitamins some brands do not work or not effective or dont have all the ingredients they say on the bottle, Just didnt know if there is an issue with lyine also on the brand.


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