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As soon as you feel run down or tingly like your going to have an outbreak, load up on orange juice and L-Lysine it is a vitamin sold over the counter and it is inexpensive, also eat foods rich in Lysine like yogurt. Drink lots of fluids and rest. You can take Lysine on a daily basis to prevent outbreaks also try echinacea another vitamin that builds up your immune system.

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Everyone is suggesting L-lysine. No one suggests how much to take. Can you help???


I'm not a doctor and I don't know if high dosages of lysine can be harmful, or what constitutes a high dosage. Personally, I take four to six 500mg pills two or three times a day, especially before bed. I have also found this to be very effective against cold sores. I don't take it as a daily supplement, only when I have an outbreak.


L-Lysine doesnt work for me. I have been taking it everyday for the last 4 months and in the last 2 months I have had 2 outbreaks. Its making me crazy.


Lysine doesn't work for me either. In addition, Lysine can raise your cholesterol!!


L-Lysin is essential amino acid and should be taken 1000mg a day with cold water and 1 hour before food or 2 hours after food, otherwise will not work. One can take it till you stop having outbreaks for 3 months, after that one can reduce the dose to 500mg daily and taken the same way. I usually take it just before bed or when I wake up and wait a hour to have my breakfast. Also when you taking it one should reduce the L-Arginine reach food like chocolate, nuts, oats, seeds, wheat (whole wheat as well), sesame seeds, popcorn, raisins, brown rice, carob and gelatin desserts. One can eat those foods in moderation but if outbreak comes than it is better to stop them.

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