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After 36 hours of migraine mayhem... I am well enough now to visit this site. I have suffered with migraines for approx. the last 5 years. I have chronic lower back and neck pain, but my migraines are triggered by varies things.

My close friend is a doctor and has treated me for migraines with an injectible 'cocktail' at his clinic, but I have moved from his clinic and now must get my home pain remedies via the telephone. I asked him what I could take at home that would relieve the migraine and keep me from jumping off the nearest bridge. I had some nausea this time, but fortunately no vomitting, so this remedy was an option....

2 Tylenol and 3 Liquid Gel Advils...

And for me.... LIGHTS OUT! I am light sensitive during my migraines so turning out all the lights is a necessity. That means no TV, no candles, nothing that emits ANY light. Complete darkness is key.

(This remedy was prescribed by MY doctor, he knows me, my body, and my medical history. Please consult your physician before taking any medicine in larger doses than is recommended by the manufacturer.)

And here I am feeling much better and wondering why I always wait so long to get help for my migraines. I'd also like to thank all of those who have posted tips to prevent migraines and home remedies that may ease and relieve my migraine pain. I will certainly be giving those a try. Thank you!

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