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I've been suffering from boils on my butt for almost 15 years now. I went through a very stressful situation a few months ago and broke out with a topical yeast infection from my groin up to my neck (it spread like wildfire!). The doctor gave me a prescription for Nystatin. It cleared up the yeast infection and I also discovered it cleared up the boils. I've read that boils can be caused by an overgrowth of candida and I think that's what I had going on. I started using organic apple cider vinegar because it's supposed to be very tough on candida and it's inexpensive. I just take a cotton ball soaked with the apple cider vinegar after I bathe. I haven't had an outbreak in months and I used to get them almost weekly. Hope this helps!

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Becky Thomas

After suffering for God knows how many years.For something to help with boils.I read this board.I saw something I had not tried yet.Miconazole(vaginal cream)Something most weman have in there med cabnet.I had one big one in my inter thigh and another one next to it comming up.I put it on the area after my shower.bandaged it up the next day it came to a head busted and i cleaned it up was suprised to see that the one that had started was i did the same thing again.The next day it was almost healed.But i noticed i had another large one comming up under my arm.So I thought do the same thing i did and now today it half the sizes.i think it may be the answer.Anyway,Im going to the doctor today and Im going to ask for something for it to take oral.Just so as not to get another break out.

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