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Hi! I've had restless leg syndrome for about 7 years now. I broke my leg three years ago and had to use Vicodin. I discovered that Vicodin not only reduced my pain but relieved the restless leg syndrome completely. I'm ashamed to admit that I continued to use one tablet of Vicodin at night for the past three years until I couldn't get it anymore (don't ask). After one day of not taking the Vicodin my RLS returned. I did not want to take any of the medications for RLS because I have read that they only last for a few years before you build a tolerance. I tried magnesium, iron, vitamin b complex, apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses, etc and none of it helped. I finally went to a chiropractor and told him I needed help with RLS. He performed a quick test by asking me to straighten my legs out and put my chin to my chest. He asked if I felt any tightening in my legs. I told him not only did I have tightening in my legs but in my lower back as well. He told me that I should not have any sensation in my legs while putting my chin to my chest. He suspected that I had a bulging disc in my lower back (I had no xrays to show him so it could not be confirmed). I agreed to see him once a week for back adjustments and traction for four weeks. I'm happy to announce that after my third adjustment and traction session, I no longer had any issues with RLS. I'm hoping this is going to rid me of this problem. I'm sure I will have to continue seeing the chiropractor for a while and do the daily stretching exercises he recommended. I hope this helps other people!

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Karen G

MY RLS started AFTER L4-L5 spinal fusion surgery, and I'm wondering if it disturbs some of the nerves down there. Interesting to hear that chiro helped. I am only 7 wks post-op and can't see the chiro yet, but I WILL DEFINITELY ASK HIM his opinion! @ my 6 wk check up the PA (who assisted in my surgery) said he had no idea why I would now have RLS. I also took Vicodin for 4 yrs. pre-op due to back pain and am now taking Norco 10 post-op, but since I no longer have back/leg pain, I don't need to take them. I have a new prescription for Norco-5 and found it interesting that if I take 1 after I go to bed and the RLS acts up, I get relief and can sleep. I was hoping I could get the same relief from Tylenol Arthritis, but the jury is still out on far no relief. I have enough pain relief to last me a while, but don't know what to do when they run out. I was thinking too that RLS was because I am not walking enough, post-op...going to take a walk today and see if it helps (I HATE to walk!). I start physical therapy tomorrow for my back and am on restrictions for 5 more weeks-no bending, twisting or lifting more than 20#. I HOPE when these restrictions get lifted and I can be more active, MAYBE the RLS will go away! I am a 59 y/o post menopausal woman (and unlike other comments, an orgasm last night did NOT work).

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