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so I couldn't take tylonal due to being on a bunch of antibiotics and other medications for a cold I have and I was running a high temp over 101 I remembered a story of how back in the old days they would put ice in a bathtub and strip the fevered person and cover them with ice not having that much ice I tried cold first I closed the heat vent in my room got a cold washcloth and then put a fan next to me on medium speed and layed down the trick is to get very cold you can use a light blanket but if you get warm you need to turn up your fan or not use a blanket keep using a washcloth on your face and body as you are laying next to the fan (or if it is cold outside you can always go outside for a while)my temperature went from 101.9 to 99.5 in 2 hours! just get very cold not freezing but cold you can use ice in a cold tub but the fan trick works as well I think ice in a tub would work faster. Don't try heating yourself this will increase your temperature and should only be sued if you have a low temperature not a fever I learned that the hard way -good luck :)

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Was that really one sentence? I couldn't read it to find the remedy. Grammar, people.


I love how some people always find a way to complain about some people's grammar use. STFU!


The only thing is, if too cool too quick there is a chance of febrile seizures, so be sure to use not cold water but room temp water, if a fever is in occurence room temp will feel very chilly to the feverish..that is all


Never use ice or ice water. Definitely do not submerge yourself in a tub of ice water. You run the risk of hypothermia, heart arrythmias, death etc. Use room temperature water, wrap a wet cloth around your head or on the back of your neck. You can also place a wet cloth in your armpits, groin area, neck. These will help lower the fever. Keep a watch on the patient so that they do not become cold, losing body heat.


Stupid remedy. This was written by an idiot. Never dip your body in ice bozo!


Do not use ice or cold water. Room temp water is ok. Most of the time. If you have a high fever and get too cold too quickly your risking shock, seizures, and so much more. DON’T DO THAT!

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